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low inflection.Mason网禁拗女稀缺资源在线观看

Admittedly, this was going to be my first threesome. I've slept with both genders and everybody in between, but never at the same time. It's not that I've never had the opportunity; it's that I'm just quite picky with my partners and when the opportunity has arisen before, I've just never felt 'it'.Whatever 'it' is.Mason was an interesting guy though – he was about 26 years old and after graduating from some university with an MBA, he was through his second year of a "Graduate Scheme" for a large multi-billion pound, worldwide organisation. He wasn't senior within the business at all, but he was certainly rubbing with shoulders he felt would get him places, eventually.The funny thing about Mason is that despite his "high flying" career (and perhaps his misplaced sense of grandeur), his hyper-masculine attitude and his kind-of-cheap-but-well-fitting-suit, we had met on Grindr – the male orientated hookup app – his profile was brief; he was a straight man who wanted to experiment with other men, despite being in a long term relationship.Oh the cliche.I'll tell you about how Mason and I.. err, 'bonded' another time, but over time we came to know each other quite well. There was no real emotion between us, other than close male-friends who fooled around every few months, but he was somebody who had a specific itch that needs scratching and I was somebody who scratched his itch.I'd very happily sit having a beer with Mason in a bar somewhere, talking about whatever it is that guys drinking in bars talk about, and nobody would be able tell the difference between us and two colleagues decompiling the week on a Friday evening. On this occasion, we hadn't seen each other for a few months."I told Krys about us", he said, after a few moments of silence.I couldn't help but laugh out loud, but I quickly regained my composure for his sake."You've got to be kidding""She found me on Tuesday night watching some gay kink porn""Was it good?""Krys walking in or the porn?""Well, both, I guess""She interviewed me about it, or at least she may as well have done"He didn't answer my question, but whatever, I let it go."Were you honest with her?" I asked, sincerely."Yeeahhh" he drew, almost with a sigh of regret.Mason continued to tell me the whole story of what was said between them; she caught him and was surprised, but not overly judgemental. She recognised that everyone has their "thing" and had no problem with him pulling himself off to whatever he wanted, as long as her needs didn't go unfulfilled. They spoke for a few hours, apparently; throughout, he gave her a full rundown of his "things" – and based on what you're eventually going to learn about Mason, you can trust me when I say that a recital of his fetishes must have taken the bulk of their conversation time."But then she asked if I'd ever done any of it", he paused."Did you say "all of it" or...?""I said I'd experimented with you"I took a pause while in my head I calculated all the different possible outcomes of this situation."Did you tell her when and how often?""She pretty much guessed""How did she react?""She went apeshit.""Understandably.""She had a lot of questions and long story short, she now kinda knows you as well as I do""Even The Incident in Kyot-""Yes"To tell you the truth, I'm an unreliable narrator. I write these to the best of my memory and recollection, but all these events form a complex web of stories and experiences that I'm trying my best to seperate for you – so if maybe The Incident in Kyoto will come up another time, but I don't want to pull you to it just yet. I cringed a little that he'd told her the story, however."Well, shit"Mason puckered his lips in that "oh well, it's happened now" kind of way, behind a smirk."Krys likes the sound of you though-""She's only human", I replied, automatically and as dry as ever."Specifically she said you "sound like not a prick"..."I am a bit of a prick."...and it turns out she's had a bit of a fantasy for a while about a threeway"He stopped talking and then just looked at me.I had mixed feelings at this point, because on one hand, it just became obvious why he telling me about his disclosure and from what I know of her, Krystal does seem pretty decent, but on the other, I feel like he's skimmed over a relationship defining event almost flippantly."Are you being serious?" I ask, eyebrows raised.We were mates; he knew my concerns. There was the very real possibility that to Krystal I was the bad person that's come between their relationship. She was never meant to find out, it was never anything meaningful, it's just the itch, that's all it ever was and all it ever will be; Mason and I both know this. Going from her discovering his porn habits to wanting a threesome in the space of a three minute conversation over a beer just didn't seem to check off my mental "informed, consenting, and understanding" checklist that something like this would need."Yeah, it took a while and it hasn't just been one conversation, it's been this whole thing""And she wants a threesome with me and you?""If you are up for it, yeah"I mean, obviously I'm up for it, but I gave him a few days to report back to Krys and let things peter out between them – she may have changed her mind if it became too real, he may decide that a threesome would breach the "itch only" agreement by bringing his long term partner into the situation; there was any number of other things that could change between being invited and the ceremony itself.Besides, I was already pushing my own moral boundaries and doing mental gymnastics to rationalise fucking somebody behind a partners back, I wasn't going to make things worse if I could avoid it, so I gave them time, before jumping in.Sexuality is a weird and grey area, across the entire human spectrum it's so varied, often so repressed, treated like the shameful secret and yet, we've all got our secret desires; sometimes these desires just need to simmer before we develop the confidence to admit them, to talk about them, or to experiment with them.It was never a matter of meeting Krys for the first time and immediately taking my pants off. We met up a few times with the idea of a threesome simmering under the surface, I was often the third-wheel at a restaurant or yet-another-bar, just the three of us, but I didn't seem to notice very much.They were obviously very close to each other and were obviously a couple, but we spoken openly and freely between each other across all manner of topics. We laughed a lot, we spoke a lot, we shared a lot – we were comfortable with each other, though I was careful to maintain my distance from Krys; I didn't want to blur any lines, not really out of a fear, but because this was a delicate situation that all parties need to walk through carefully.It came to a head when we were dining at a French restaurant; it had recently been awarded a Michelin Star. I'd offered to pay this time, since it was my suggestion. Krys was wearing a slim fitting black dress, that politely covered any exposed cleavage, but still accentuated the shape of her breasts and her figure, I was in my slightly more formal grey suit, which Mason had also seemed to have copied.After the waitress had taken away our plates – a particularly well cooked Cassoulet – I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up. On my return, they were both quiet, relaxed and just sat waiting."Everything alright?" I asked, half forgetting we'd only ever met because Krys wanted a threesome; it felt just as if some friends were talking about you, one you approach with light and wry suspicion."I was thinking..." Krys said, with a pause"...why don't you come back for some after dinner drinks at our place?"It was with this I felt a leg against mine under the table. It wasn't an overly sexual touching, but it was touching – it was physical contact. Honestly, because of the seating arrangements, to this day I'm still not quite sure who the leg brushing against me belonged to, but it was a comforting feeling. It was the manifestation of their joint approval of me, that they both – as one unit – trusted me to become, even if temporarily, a part of their dynamic."We seem to have been saving up wine, you can help us finish off", she said with a laugh."I am definitely good at drinking wine – if you want to call a cab and I'll settle the bill", I replied.The great thing about Uber is that it's seamless; somebody just turns up to where you are and you get out at wherever you want to go. The situation flowed from one scene to the next, with no change in the excitable and charged atmosphere. We all just felt warm with and around each other.I know I've jibed at Mason and his choice of suits, and I know that I dedicated a whole sentence to telling you about the Michelin Star restaurant and their food, but I promise you that I'm not particularly fancy or of a particular class. Mason and I were sat on their sofa, with our jackets and ties taken off, our shirts unbuttoned around the collar. Mason had his sleeves rolled up, showing off his nicely toned forearms, and Krys had pulled up a bean-bag in front of us, her legs raised and resting on the sofa between us with one foot touching each of us."So Mase, when you first kissed Rob, did you understand why I wanted you to shave your beard?" Krys joked, between drinking from her wine glass."I didn't mind it!" says Mason, "I thought the feeling of Rob's stubble was quite sexy"My eyes opened wide and I stared at Krys comically. Krys laughed but pointed out that my stubble was quite well groomed without actually saying that whatever Mason had at one time on his face was less so, though I'd only ever known Mason clean shaven."How did it feel when you first kissed him?" she asks with a slow, low inflection.Mason, without realising it, bit his lip as her took himself back to that moment."It felt... it felt like I was under a spell" he muses."What do you mean?" I ask"Well, it was like my body just stopped working, I went numb except for this tingle that I felt from my lips, I could feel this electric through me, through my shoulders, down to my toes..."Krys leans forward towards me, withdrawing her feet from their raised position and placing her hands on my knees. She takes a deep breath."I want to feel it too, show me, please."I look at Mason and he nods, turning himself to face the unfolding events.I placed my fingers underneath Krys chin and slowly moved my hand up, raising myself with it, she followed, never letting my fingers break contact with her. Her dress had crumpled, but unfolded as she stood, we were stood close to each other, I could feel her breath against me. We were breathing slowly, in time with each other.One of my hands was resting on her waist, the other cupped around the back of her head, just behind her ear, with my fingers getting lost in her hair. I closed my eyes and move my lips towards her, the last thing I see is Krys closing her eyes and the next thing I feel are her soft, warm lips pressed against mine.Our lips move slowly over each other – I seem to have taken the lead, her lips are responding to my movements. I can hear the sound of our lips as they seperate, I can still feel her breath as she exhales, she doesn't want to to break the connection between us. Gradually, I pull away from her, and she keeps her eyes closed, taking a draw of breath. I think she's relishing the moment."Fuucckk...." Krys murrs as she opens her eyes.I look at Mason and I can tell he's hard; his trousers has formed tightly around his bulge as it's trapped up against his body, his hand is slowly stroking, teasing the outline. Gripping it with his whole hand, completely absorbed into the atmosphere.Krys kneels down in front of Mason, parting his knees and drawing down his zip. He doesn't wait to pull his pants and his underwear down to his ankles – I notice how as he hooks his thumbs into his underwear, his dick catches in the hem, which he smoothly adjusts for, revealing the hard meat underneath.Krys lips hold the tip of his cock in her mouth; I can see her tongue moving around his head, as one of Mason's hands rests around the back of her head gently and the other rests on his chest. She slowly pushes her lips down the length of Mason's shaft, all the way the bottom and he groans. With one hand, she reaches behind her and pulls her dress up over her hips, exposing her beautiful, perfectly shaped globes to me.I drop behind her and allow my hands to wander around the small of her back, around over the stomach. My hands touch the back of her thighs and my fingertips reach between to feeling the texture of her underwear – warm, black lace, and although Mason's cock is now being completely overwhelmed a combination of Krys' lips and hand working steadily along it, she lets out a low purr as she feels my fingers.My own dick is throbbing and taking Krys' moans as a sign of her desperation; I kneel behind her, unzip my own pants and pull my member through the zi. With my heavy balls still contained within my clothes, I grasp the base of my shaft to control it and I can feel it pulsing. I move closer and align my shaft with the crevice between Krys' legs and allow the underside of my dick to stroke slowly along her panties.I can feel the lace becoming damp as Kry's presses herself harder onto me. She takes a breath from serving Mason and turns around, looking at me."I want it, right now" she says assertively."Right now?" I ask, teasing her."Fuckk now, put it inside me", she commands, or begs, whichever.My index finger slides between Krys' panties and the warm skin of her pussy, I can feel her moisture on my fingers and I pull her the lace to the side – exposing her soft, delicate labia. I notice how her juices have run down between her lips and have collected on the tip of her clitoris, like how rain collects on the tip of a leaf. I take the opportunity and pull my finger over it to collect her lubricant, rubbing it into the head of my dick.As my finger presses and rubs along her clit, Krys moans deeply, animalistically – my fingers sent electricity through her body; she lost control like 10 minutes ago and nothing else matters to her anymore. She needs that deep, hard satisfaction and I gratefully oblige.The thick head of my cock aligns with her, once again, and moving my shaft in a slow up and down motion and applying just a little bit of pressure, the lips of pussy open and my cock pushes deep inside her. I try and make this movement slowly to really make sure she feels the heat of my cock as I stretch her and fill her, but she needs it too much and she pushes herself down onto me,free性玩弄少妇hd hard.I can feel the warmth from Krys pressing into my pubis and she's so far down that I can feel her juices dripping down my balls. She feels complete, now. That urge, that drive inside her is being satisfied and with a deep exhale, she returns to licking and sucking Mason. Unable to draw out the teasing as her soft pussy envelopes my dick, my fingers grip her hips firmly and I begin to withdraw from Krys. I can feel how easily my cock slides within her and she can feel it too.I've pulled back far enough that most of my shaft is exposed to the open air, and only the neck of my dick – the ridge, between the glans and the shaft – remains inside her. Desperate not to let my cock escape her, Krys pushes herself back down onto me, back down the hilt. I know she can feel every inch inside her, pushing into the walls of her pussy, touching every nerve ending within.I pick up my pace and begin thrusting – my hips driving my shaft back and forth inside her, my eyes close as I can feel Krys tensing herself around me and it feels so fucking good, but I'm torn between allowing myself to completely focus on the sensations occuring from our bodies, and watching Krys' lips working Mason's cock, he's in overdrive, I can see his abs starting to clench."I can't..." pants Mason."You can't what?" I laugh, not breaking the motion of my hips."...hold it back much longer... this is too fucking hot"Hearing that, Krys lets her lips relax from around Masons cock. His body isn't happy with this development and he makes this noise, this grunt, somewhere between pleasure and frustration at the same time. It's a little bit cute and I laugh – Krys also finds this adorable."I think we should get to the bedroom and you both can swap places", says Krys.As Mason leads the way for Krys and I, I remove the rest of my clothes, abandoning them wherever it so happens I took them off – through their hall, along the stairs, and even though I'm only two or three seconds behind them, by the time I get to their room Mason is already lay down on the bed and Krys is kissing his chest and neck.Krys summons me with her finger and I approach the bed, she stares into my eyes as she takes Masons shaft and lowers herself onto it, once again, until Mason's dick is completely buried inside her. I am so turned on by this eye contact and the deep satisfaction on her face as she feels her mans desperate, hard cock inside her that my balls twitch and a thick drop of precum escapes me.She cups my balls firmly from underneath and begins sucking on the first few inches of my dick, savouring the taste of us both from my skin. She continues squeezing the precum from my balls as she sucks, swallowing as it arrives, and Mason begins to rock his hips vertically, pulling and pushing his cock in and out of Krys' tight, wet pussy.Krys is holding firm in her position, she's not moving and just allowing Mason to fuck her from underneath. He's only managing to move an inch or two in either direction as he pushes his body, but that repeated, steady motion is clearly something Krys loves because she's moaning as she's milking my dick with everything she has."Fucking hell, you're so wet Krys, fuck yes" Mason moans"Go on, suck his thick cock, he fucking loves it", he brings between breathes"I really, really do" I say, as I my hand supports the back of Krys' neck.I can feel it building inside me.I regret laughing at Mason earlier, now I experience the same thing. Krys lets go of my dick and collapses onto all fours over Mason. I'm now stood here, almost paralysed from the intensity of the muscles contractions that are making their way through my body, my cock is twitching, fuck man, I was so close.Mason wraps his arms around Krys and pulls her into him, he peers at me from over her shoulder and starts laughing at my pain. He's slowed down his motions, but he's still firmly penetrating Krys, he's holding there right at the edge of orgasm. Krys realises what she's done and as we make eye contact, I start to say something but she gets in there first -"Don't stand there all alone, come closer"She looks at Mason and playfully scolds him for laughing at me.As I take a few steps towards them, Krystal continues her instructions -"I need to be on my back, I want you both to finish inside me, Mason last."Mason takes the instruction and smoothly escapes by pulling himself down the bed underneath Krystal's body. Krys rotates herself onto her back and arranges herself, getting herself comfortable. Her legs are bent at the knee and her feet are planted firmly on the bed. That beautiful pussy is just waiting for more attention."Rob", she gestures at me. It's my turn, clearly.Mason takes the opportunity to make himself comfortable for the show – he sits behind Krys at the top of the bed, his legs spread and his hard cock on full display to us both. He places Krys head on his thigh, his balls resting to the side of Krys' face and slowly masturbates, as he watches me approach the bed.I climb on the bed and position myself over Krys, I'm on my knees, looking down at them both. It's time. I don't wait around. I plunge my cock straight into Krys' waiting hole, she's so fucking warm, I can feel her, I can feel her tight pussy around my cock and it's overwhelming me; although I was holding her thighs, I need more leverage, more pressure, deeper, harder.I lean down supporting myself with my hands and kiss Krys, I look up at Mason, his breath is getting deeper and he's completely transfixed watching my body pressing into Krys'. My hips thrust forwards, deeper than before, with this new position I could easily push the tip of my dick against Kry's cervix and she's loving it."Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me hard, Rob, fuck yes, I want it"I'm pounding Krys' pussy hard, my balls are slapping against her and we can all hear it, we can hear the noise from my cock penetrating and violating her and her boyfriend looks upon us. I'm desperate for it, she is desperate to feel it and Mason is desperate to watch me unleash a thick, heavy load inside."Give it to me, faster, fuck yes, harder, yes, yes" Krys moans between gaspsKrys could only take a few minutes of this – as could I – it all was too intense, it felt too good, we all wanted this, I could feel her getting closer, I could feel her thighs squeezing my hips as I fucked her. I went into tunnel vision, my cock took control of my body, it was going to happen, very, very fucking soon. I felt the pressure climbing in the end of my cock, my load was right there, lining her with my precum, my ass pushing and pulling harder and faster with each movement."Now. Now. I'm cumming. Now. Cum. Cum inside me fuckkkk, nnooww"As Krys came, as her orgasm rushes through her body, as her back arched, as her toes curled, she clamped around my dick and I couldn't hold it back. I came. I held myself deep inside her as wave after wave of cum escaped me. I could feel my cum filling Krys; I could feel every rope land inside her and with each twitch and movement of my member, it spread my load around inside her.Our orgasms felt like they lasted for 10 minutes, time has just slowed down. Our bodies frozen in place with our muscles spasming beyond our control. We came hard, together."Holy fuck", Krys says. I'm speechless. I can barely breath. My body needs to catch up with itself.Krys takes my hips and guides me out of her. Mason has lust in his eyes."Be gentle, I'm so sensitive right now" she whispers to Mason, as she looks up at him.I sit beside Krys' knees on the bed, stroking her legs as I recover. As Mason takes his turn, as his dick slowly penetrates Krys, he stops to watch my cum escape her the more he presses inside, he watches as my cum pushes out over his dick, a thick creamy lube.He slowly begins to thrust, back and forth, a slow and stable rhythm.I watch as Krys plays with her nipples."Oh god... " she moans, "I'm still... fuck, I'm still so on edge, I'm going to cum really soon, Mase"He keeps his slow, steady speed – he knows how to make her cum, he knows how to push her over the edge."I want you to cum with me", Krys moans"I don't think I can cum at this pace", Mason replies"But... fuck.. please... this feels too good, I need your cum too, Mason"He speeds up a little, pushing the boundaries of what Krys can take, it takes her a few seconds to adjust but his increased pace pushes her closer and closer to another deep orgasm."Mason... cum in me" she begs him"I can't, not yet, not yet, hold on" he pleads in return"No, I need it now, I'm... I'm going to cum again... fuck, I'm-"It would be a shame to ruin the timing of this moment, I can tell Mason is close because I can see his ass clenching, but he just needs the push that's been giving to Krys, just that push, just to reach that point where the body takes over and all control is lost.I take my index finger and quietly place it in my mouth, just watching. As Krys begins to moan louder, I reach behind Mason and let my finger follow between his buttocks and down to his asshole; as my finger circles around his hole, he begins to moan, he begins to pant.Krys and Mason are focused purely on each other, both lost in the throws of ecstasy and just Krys begins to climax, just as her orgasm is about to peak, my let the first two inches of my finger push inside Mason, not quite hitting his prostate, but definitely touching him in the way that I know he won't be able to stand – and he fucking roars. He releases a deep, guttural roar as the feeling of his dick completely wrapped by Krys' tight body becomes magnified by the sensation of my finger inside him, stretching him in the way he's stretching her.As Mason's load fills Krys, Krys climaxes again. The sensation of two loads inside her, having been stretched and pounded for a long time tonight, the stimulation from her nipples, the intimacy and passion between them, the excitement of my involvement, it built up and it peaked in the form of this orgasm. Her entire body was shaking, trying to catch her breath the entire time, completely overcome and completely satisfied.They're both moaning and gasping, they're kissing each other deeply and passionately."I can't..." Krys starts, before trailing off, not really saying much, but it's all she needs to say.We lay next to each other, holding each other, touching each other for maybe another 30 minutes, letting everyone process the nights events, letting our bodies recover, enjoying the intimacy that orgasms bring, before deciding that we should probably shower and clean up a little.

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