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not in a sexual way色狠狠色狠狠综合天天

Now that I had found a way to fuck Linda, I spent less time trying to spy on her and more time trying to set her up so that I could fuck her. I reasoned that I had the right to do this as she was my wife, and it wasn't like I was having an affair. Of course I was trying to justify actions that were wrong, and when I was being honest with myself, I conceded that a big reason this turned me on so much was because I was doing this to her without her permission or knowledge. By trial and error I worked out how far I could go based onthe quantity she drank. Unfortunately, whilst she preferred the coolers to brandy, she did not become a heavy drinker. She did drink every weekend, but seldom in quantities large enough that I could fuck her. On most weekends I got to play with her body, and every now and again when a special occasion meant she drank more than usual, I got to actually fuck her while she slept, but no way near enough to exhaust my appetite. I was certainly enjoying my new found sexual pleasures, and found that this eased tensions in our marriage, which Linda welcomed even though she did not know why. Access to her body, even though illicit, also helped with my jealousy, but whilst it stopped being so bad, it never went away completely, and the all too familiar feeling off tight chest and shortness of breath from a jealousy attack would still afflict me when I caught some guy looking down her top or up her dress. One such occasion proved to be quite surprising; Linda's folks lived about an hour away from us, and we used to go through and visit on weekends periodically. As we usually drank on these weekends, we typically slept over rather than drive back under the influence.Linda's parents lived in a small 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house that Linda was born in. Her brother, John, was 17 years younger than Linda and still lived with his parents. Unfortunately for him, as the youngest, and a boy, he would be relegated to using the double sleeper couch in the lounge whenever we slept over, and Linda and I got to use the double bed in his room. The single bathroom had a huge window covered by lace curtains. The window had clear glass, which despite my irrational jealousy wasn't really a problem for me as the window was chest height, and the rear of the property sloped down quite a lot, which meant that you could not stand and look through the bathroom window and see anything other thansomeone's head and shoulders.One such weekend Linda went to bath before getting ready for bed, and while in there asked me to get her toiletry bag which she had left in the car. My car was parked in the garage at the side of the house. The garage was a long narrow building, able to fit two cars parked behind each other, attached to the main house, but protruding past the rear of the house, with a window on the side looking out into the back yard. The back yard was quite dark without lights. My car keys had a small torch attached so not really remembering where the light switch in the garage was, I made my way to my car using the dim torchlight. As I past the garage side window, my peripheral vision caught furtive movements in the backyard. I quickly went to the garage window prepared to spot a would be burglar, but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I instead saw the puzzling sight of Linda's brother and his friend hunched over scuttling along holding a dustbin each. I watched, trying to figure out what they were doing, as they reached the wall below the bathroom window, and after upending the bins, climbed on top and looked down into the bathroom. I could immediately feel my chest tighten as the jealousy hit, these assholes were going to spy on Linda bathing. My first impulse was to run out and confront them, but I managed to stop myself realizing that this could cause major awkwardness in the family. I stood there undecided as I desperately wanted to stop them looking at what was mine, but did not know how to approach the issue. I decided to go in and tell Linda to prevent her from bathing and deprive the teens of their intended perverse pleasure. After grabbing the toiletry bag I left the garage and went straight to the bathroom. To my relief, Linda was standing at the basin still dressed while her bath was running. I couldn't resist the impulse to glance at the window, but could see nothing through the lace. Debating whether to just blurt it out, I remained standing next to her after she took the toiletry bag. It was like I was in a daze, my anxiety was increasing as the bath filled, and my mind wanted so much to tell her, but I was frozen not knowing how to broach the subject, remembering full well how Linda angrily scoffed at my previous attempts to alert her to such peeping tom hazards. I just stood there while Linda started taking off her makeup, until she looked at me in the mirror with a confused expression, and asked "what?!" I numbly replied nothing, then turned around and walked out.In a stupor, I found myself back in the garage not really remembering how I got there. I walked to the window and saw the two guys standing completely upright on the dustbins, clearly silhouetted against the light from the window. I stood mesmerized as John's friend started rubbing his crotch through his shorts. My mind was racing, imagining in graphic detail what they must be seeing as I had spied on Linda while bathing many times. I knew Linda's routine by heart, she would wait until the bath was full before undressing, then she would stand in front of the mirror and brush her teeth before flossing, and then examine her body in the reflection, not in a sexual way, but critically looking for any flaws. Then she would climb into the bath and lay submerged for 20 - 30 minutes before starting to wash. The bath was laid out about a meter below the window with the taps against the wall just under the window sill so I knew Linda would lay full length in the bath feet towards the window. I also knew from experience that Linda liked to lie flat with her feet up on the end of the bath to either side of the bath taps which resulted in her legs being shoulder width apart. They must have been getting a view right up between her spread legs at her pussy and tits. I knew she would not be able to see out because of the lace curtains, but they would easily be able to see in.My heart was in my throat and my jealous anger made my head feel like it would explode when I realized that I actually had a hard on. I stood there watching, flushed with jealousy while at the same time incredibly turned on. Not only were some young guys doing and enjoying what I often did, but one of them was also her brother! As those realizations rattled around in my head, John pulled the front of his shorts down and took his dick out. Even though it was dark, the close proximity allowed me to clearly see it was rock hard. His friend didn't hesitate and soon two teenagers were standing in front of the bathroom window slowly stroking their cocks.Through my daze, I realized that my hand had also found its way on to my dick and was mirroring their action while imagining what they were looking at. Eventually, I remembered that unlike the two adolescent boys I could actually go into the bathroom so didn't have to use my imagination. I quickly walked back into the house stuffing my hard on back into my shorts, and went straight to the bathroom ensuring that my cock head was trapped under the waistband of my shorts and was covered by my tee shirt. On entering the bathroom, I resisted the urge to glance at the window, and instead looked down at Linda from above her head. Not only was she lying on her back feet to the window as predicted, but she had her left leg with knee bent and foot flat in the bath while her right foot was resting on her left knee with her right knee to the side out of the water as she was busy cutting the toe nails on her right foot. This caused her pussy to bulge slightly so that even from my view point I could clearly see her pussy lips from above her. Her brother and friend must have been getting a wonderful eye full. This gave a whole new meaning to brotherly love and a whole new revelation to me.It seems that not only was I jealous of some other man seeing Linda naked, it also turned me on! I could not stand there long without having to explain why I was there, so I stumbled over an impromptuconversation, sounding like I was mentally challenged, while watching Linda finish giving herself a pedicure.When she had finished, to my conflicted delight, she started to shave her legs. She grabbed the ball of her left foot with her left hand and pulled it up and against her body almost straightening her leg as she applied shaving cream to her lower left leg with her right hand. This effectively blocked my view of her front, so I worked my way around until I was leaning with my back against the window sill, affording me the same perspective as the two horny teenagers outside, albeit not from directly in front of Linda's spread legs. The view was magnificent! The clear water hid nothing revealing the mouth watering sight of Linda's bulging cunt and crotch all the way to her asshole. Her efforts to efficiently shave her leg put forward pressure from her hips onto her crotch forcing the nub of her clit to protrude delightfully from the enfolding pussy lips. Luckily Linda was focused on her task so wasn't paying too much attention to my nonsensical conversation as I stood enjoying the display while Linda shaved both legs, after which she continued the show by not neglecting to groom her pussy. As Linda lay back she stretched out her legs, placing both feet flat in the bath, and taking her body weight onto her shoulders and upper back, and thrust her hips up to raise her crotch out of the water.Whilst this didn't cause her pussy lips and clit to bulge out like her previous positions had, it did serve to completely eliminate any distortion the water may have had, and gave the impression that she was offering her cunt to the two teens standing out of sight less than six feet away. My cock was rock-hard restrained against my stomach by my crossed hands. I could distinctly feel the silky wetness of leaking pre-cum on my stomach above the waistband of my shorts, as I enjoyed the view of Linda carefully shaving the sides of her pussy to prevent any errant pussy hairs from escaping her bikini bottoms....oh how I wish she would choose this moment to go full brazzilian. Rather than deflate, the hot flush of jealousy emphasized and amplified my arousal. I was significantly more turned on than when spying on Linda on my own; a new dimension to my perversion had just exploded into my psyche in much the same way as my cock was desperate to explode into Linda's pussy. I now understood why John always obligingly gave up his room without complaint whenever we slept over. Clearly he was happy with the trade. I could not help speculating what visions he must have seen over the last couple of years and how many of his friends he had shared them with. This stimulus to my perversion occupied my day dreams for days after we returned home, I felt obligated to find ways to enhance John's experience....plans had to be made. These plans commenced with my suggestion to Linda a few weeks later that we spend Christmas and New Year with her parents. This would give me two weeks to really entertain John and whoever of his friends he wanted to share with. I wanted to see how far they would go to enjoy Linda's charms.The next two months to Christmas seemed longer than the balance of the year, but eventually the day arrived for us to head off to a true family Christmas. Being the festive season I of course needed to take our trusty video recorder, a Sony handheld with a 60gig built in hard drive, which was the latest in hi-tech at the time, but not the most inconspicuous or best definition. In addition, to properly celebrate, it was of course my duty to get Linda to drink as much as possible to properly "relax" her for the holidays. My sex drive was at an all time high in anticipation of what Santa would bring....We arrived on the morning of Christmas eve and Linda and her mom soon started the long preparations for Christmas lunch the next day. Given that Christmas was a family get together, John was not permitted to have friends visit, but in consolation, had been allowed to have not one, but two of his friends visit over New Year.....I wonder how many he really wanted to bring to share the "start of a new year"? Even though I was disappointed John would not have an accomplice over Christmas, I was extremely excited that there would be multiple spectators over New Year, and I was determined to give John a nice Christmas present if things went to plan. As Linda and her mom worked on the roasts I assumed the duty of assisting where I could. Linda was dressed in a light summer frock coming down to her mid thigh while her mom was dressed in an habitual knee length housecoat that she wore unless she was going out. Linda's mom was a fit looking very attractive,三级网站 55 year old. She was not the brightest, and like Linda she was very naive to the predatory sexual inclinations of men, or at least men like me. Linda's father was old school and would seldom be found in the kitchen which was considered "woman's territory", so I had the ladies to myself in the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table while they busied themselves at the counters preparing the food. Not being someone to let opportunities go to waste, anytime the women were simultaneously pre-occupied working on the counter with their backs towards me, I would lean over in my chair and look up their respective dresses. It was not something mind-blowing, but it served to maintain my arousal as a precursor for what I hoped would happen the next day. It was fun in an erotic way to compare the panties of mom and daughter. Both wore white, but Linda's were her normal high cut tangas that typically crawled into her tight ass, while her mom had full cotton old school panties on. Linda and her mom again went to mass on Christmas morning, while us men spent the time preparing the dining table etc. for Christmas lunch. Eventually everything was ready and we all met at the table dressed to the nines in our Sunday best for Christmas lunch, and thankfully the excuse for the drinking to commence. I of course aggressively pursued my plan of surreptitiously getting Linda as drunk as possible. Linda's dad was a lightweight drinker, needing little to get him retired and snoring, her mom did not drink, but was a fastidious early to bed early to rise person, her brother was allowed small glass of sparkling wine, while I was luckily a seasoned drinker, able to partake and maintain well beyond what my size suggested. I carefully managed the flow of alcohol into Linda, starting with the obligatory sparkling wine, but ensuring she did not get to the point where she would stop or pass out before her mom and dad went to bed. Thankfully I had lots of experience with how much alcohol Linda could tolerate so the plan proceeded smoothly. By early evening, Linda's dad was starting to fade, and when his wife excused herself at her normal early hour, he stumbled to bed with her. Myself Linda and John remained in the lounge watching TV and I quickly shifted gear accelerating Linda's intake of booze. She was already tipsy from the handful of drinks duringthe afternoon, and knowing that she would resist drinking many glasses, I convinced her to have a brandy to celebrate the special occasion trying to get as much alcohol in her with as few glasses as possible. Luckily already being tipsy she was unable to distinguish a heavy brandy from her usual single. I also made her brother a brandy knowing he would want to act as adult as possible, and wanting him to be just drunk enough to be extra immoral and reckless.After a couple more drinks I could see Linda fading fast, she was slurring her words, which I had only ever seen her do once before. I told John to sit tight, I needed to help his sister to bed to make sure she didn't fall down and wake the house. When I got Linda into the room I quickly stripped her which was a bit tricky as she was stumbling around and giggling stupidly as I tried to get her out of her church dress. I suspect in honor of the religious chaste tradition they made church wear especially difficult to get out of to discourage frolicking. Eventually she was naked in my arms and I lay her on the bed telling her I'd be right back with her nightie. I took my time "looking" through the drawers for it (knowing it was under the pillow), and as I hoped, she was soon snoring away lying on her back with her lower legs trailing off the bed. I then quickly got my video camera out and hid it under some clutter on the shelves facing the bed and switched the main light on. I then left the room leaving the light on and door slightly ajar and headed back to the lounge. I sat down making a point of saying how passed out Linda was and that I couldn't manage to get her into her nightie, but thankfully she's with family so no big deal.....We sat watching a movie while having another drink, I made sure I was drinking plain coke, but had two or three for each small brandy I poured John to make it appear that I was drinking heavily. I knew John had to get bedding out of his bedroom for the sleeper couch so allowed myself to steadily appear drunker until eventually I put my head back to pretend to pass out. Sure enough, it wasn't five minutes later that John was shaking me to wake up so that he could go to sleep. I of course pretended to be completely out of it and soon heard John stand up and walk of down the passage. Contrary to my plan I actually did end up falling asleep underestimating how much I had had to drink. I woke to my mother-in-law bustling around clearing the glasses from the lounge and noted John asleep on the sleeper couch. I got up and given the early hour told my mother in law I was going to try get some more sleep in my bed. When I got to the room, Linda was lying under the covers, but still on her back and naked. The video camera battery was dead so I could not check what was recorded, but was so turned on with the possibilities that after plugging the charger in, I uncovered Linda and proceeded to inspect her pussy hoping to find it cum filled. Sadly there was no evidence of cum in her pussy, but the tuft of pubic hair around her cunt hole was definitely matted. Unwilling to take the risk that she would wake given that it was morning, I resigned myself to having to wait for the camera to charge and climbed into bed to get some more sleep.My first thought when I woke up was the video footage. I was alone in the room so got up and grabbed the video recorder still plugged into the charger. I frantically navigated through the menu and open the latest file. There were several large files and when I opened the first one on the internal foldout screen I could see I had the angle set up perfect. The camera faced the bottom of the bed facing up between Linda's legs, and even on the small screen I could clearly see Linda's naked body laid out under the bright over head light of the room like an offering to the gods. I opened the last file which was the smallest and noted John's naked butt facing the camera while his body was knelt between Linda's legs. My heart erupted in my chest at the image of my wife naked on her back with her legs spread as her teen brother knelt between them. The rush of jealousy mingled with immediate arousal flooded my body. I grabbed my toiletry back, thrust my video camera into it, and rushed to the bathroom. While running the bath I opened each video sequentially and fast forwarded until I found the scene first showing John enter the room. He walked in and turned to close the door, then walked over to Linda and covered her with the duvet. He then started shaking her shoulder and calling her name getting progressively more forceful. When she didn't stir, he eventually stood upright and pealed the duvet back off Linda's body. He was standing at the side of the bed so I had a clear view of my wife's nude body and her brother devouring her with his eyes. He quickly released his cock from his shorts and I was impressed to see that it was more than a respectable size.It was clearly in proportion to his height and skinny frame looking to be longer than twice the width of his palm as he took his cock in both hands one on top of the other and still left the tip of his cock head visible. I admit to feeling envious, but at the same time excited and hoping that this long teenage cock would end up balls deep in Linda's pussy. Just as I was getting ready to start jerking off, there was a knock on the bathroom door and Linda called through reminding me that everyone was going to visit Linda's aunt for Boxing day and thatI must hurry. Thinking quickly I asked Linda if it would be OK if I bailed as I had a major hangover. She was not happy, particularly as she was not feeling well herself, but I reminded her that I hardly knew them and I was never made to feel welcome when I did visit. Begrudgingly accepting my excuse she took off telling me she'd see me that evening.No sooner had the car left the driveway than I ran back to John's room. His computer was set up on his desk and after connecting the video camera I opened up the video on the larger screen of his computer. I sat at his desk while the video continued playing from where I had paused it. John was stood at the side of the bed squeezing his large cock with both hands. His cockhead was purple it was so engorged. He soon released his cock and moved to the foot of the bed, which unfortunately placed him in front of the camera. I watched him as he bent forward and then groaned to myself in the agonized lust as I saw Linda's legs held at the ankles by John move into view on either side of him. I cursed my camera angle as I watched him while he stripped off his shorts, and while my imagination was working overtime filling in the details, I could not see Linda beyond him. Thankfully, as if hearing my impassioned pleas, he crouched down at the foot of the bed bringing Linda back into view.She was laying in the same position with her feet hanging off the bed, but now instead of her legs being hip width apart, John had opened Linda's legs more than three feet wide. He was crouched on his heels staring up between his sisters legs at her pussy, over her flat stomach to her tits. Luckily the camera was perched high enough to give me a clear line of sight over the top of his head, and while I could only see him from behind, I could tell he was slowly stroking his cock. While I sat watching with racing heart and throbbing cock I was silently encouraging him to put caution to the wind and dive into my wife, his sister's, unaware cunt. After stroking for a bit, John left his dick and tentatively taking each of Linda's feet into his respective opposite hands, pushed them onto the bed and placing them sole to sole, slid them all the way to her ass. As Linda's feet moved closer to her ass, her knees spread out sideways lying flat on the bed, until it looked like she was doing groin stretches. Linda was thankfully quite supple so her legs had no problem stretching to accommodate this move leaving her knees almost in line with her hips and opening her cuntlike a flower seeking the sun. My cock was so hard and engorged I thought it would explode and I was dying to give it some relief, when a wicked thought crossed my mind, and I paused the play back. I sped into Linda's folks room, which was a first for me, and with my throbbing cock swaying as I walked,located the laundry basket and fished Linda's mom's worn cotton panties out. I took a deep smell of the crotch and my cock gave an appreciative twitch as the scent of Linda's mom's pussy filled my senses. As I turned to go back to John's room my eyes caught all the perfumes and lotions sitting on the dressing table and more wicked thoughts were provoked. I snatched up the jar of hand and body lotion and returned to John's room with urgency. Sitting back down and pressing play, I placed the panties over my head strategically placing the leg holes to allow me to see through, while ensuring that the crotch area was over my nose. I then opened the jar of lotion and scooped out a generous glob onto the head and shaft of my cock. Then, continuing to watch John molest his sister, I started to slowly and gently stroke my cock. Wasting no time, John released his sisters ankles and placed his hands on Linda's crotch to either side of her pussy. He then carefully put pressure with his fingers on each side pulling his hands apart and opening up Linda's cunt until it was gaped as wide as I've ever seen it.The pink of her inner pussy glinted in the bright light. Not being content to just look, John started stroking his fingers around the inside of Linda's pussy lips while maintainingpressure to keep her cunt gaping. This was too much for me, breathing deeply through my nose trying to get as much of mother-in-laws cunt smell as I could, I increased the speed of stroking my cock. In the meantime John had started sliding his fingers into Linda's cunt and every time he withdrew his fingers he would grip the inside of her pussy and stretch it wide as his fingers moved out and to either side. It was like a potter with wet clay opening the neck of the jar wider and wider. As I started to feel close to cumming, I grabbed the lotion jar and stuck the head of my cock into the jar of cream as I erupted, shooting globs of my thick cum into the lotion. After milking my cock into the jar a few seconds while watching John progressively slide his fingers deeper into Linda's cunt, I sat back with my heart pounding as if I was having a heart attack. After I calmed down and my cock started to deflate, I wiped residual cum and lotion off my cock off usingthe crotch of Linda's mom's panties. John in the meantime had moved forward and I assume started to suck on Linda's cunt as the back of his head effectively blocked my view of my wife's pussy. With my balls temporarily emptied I skipped to the last file and fast forwarded to see how far Linda's brother had gone, but it seemed that not long after going down on her, he lent back and while sliding the middle finger of his left hand all the way into his sister's pussy, he jerked off with is right hand. I could see his shoulders tense when I assumed he was cumming, as he quickly stood up and lent over his sister. When he finished and moved out of the way I could see his cum splattered over Linda's inner thighs and ropes of it sliding down her pussy into her butt crack. He used the duvet to wipe Linda off, then covered her with it and left the room turning off the light. Feeling satiated, I got up and returned the panties and lotion to their respective original locations, making sure that my cum was properly mixed into the lotion, and smeared into the fabric of the panties. All in all, a much better day than would have been had visiting in-laws. I could not wait for New Year when John would have his friends over, I hoped that things would develop more and Linda would be used like the whore I apparently wanted her to be.